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5 Excellent Reasons to Use The Instant Pot During The Summer

The Instant Pot is a fabulous little gadget year-round, but it’s especially useful in the summer. While it certainly won’t replace the grill and its flavour abilities with a good steak, it does come in handy in huge ways. Summer is prime time for having more fun, which sometimes means less time for cooking. It’s also notoriously hot, and the last thing you want to do is turn the oven on. The Instant Pot is here to save the day. Isn’t it always?

Beat the scorching heat


You’re going to have a whole lot less heat infiltrating the house when you use the Instant Pot. In fact, you only have to face it if you do a quick release, in which case, you can open a window to let out the steam a bit. It can transform those large pieces of protein that require you to keep the oven on for hours, which is bound to keep your house at a not-so-nice and stuffy temperature.

Spend less time cooking & more time doing what you love



Summer is prime time for exciting travel! Whether you’re hopping a plane, driving cross-country, or keeping it simple and busting out the tent and sleeping bag for the weekend, you know you need to stay well-fed. The last thing you want to do before a fun weekend or trip is meal prep, but staying healthy depends on it. We’ve got plenty of ideas below!

Summer dishes to make in the Instant Pot



The Instant Pot can make prepping foods like sweet potatoes and other veggies in bulk simple so you stay on your healthy eating game throughout the summer without sweating for it.

  • You can whip up big batches of soup, curry, bolognese, and other full meals including plenty of protein and fats to keep you fueled for your adventures, or just keep the super active kids running hard throughout their summer break.
  • Pack up big batches of rice and beans – the perfect camp meal.
  • Serve some gorgeous corn on the cob from the farmer’s market with our Cajun-inspired IP recipe – a total crowd-pleaser, and it’s super kid-friendly.
  • If you’re feeling adventurous, seasonally abundant artichokes are simple and timely to make under pressure.
  • Yoghurt is easily made at the touch of a button, and it’s a wonderful no-cook breakfast option to cool down with.
  • Boiled eggs are a fabulous source of protein on the go, and they are easy to make and peel in the Instant Pot.
  • Pack for the picnic! Potato salad, anyone?! Make it in the pressure cooker in record time. Last-minute invites no longer require a sneaky trip to the store. Plus, your recipe will taste worlds better.
  • Choose your protein. Salads are any healthy eater’s best friend in the summer. No cooking required, plus it’s a lovely way to use up some veggies from the garden. Batch cook chicken, beef, pork, or some fish – whatever your heart desires – for easy 5-minute lunches at home or at work.

Preserve the summer harvest


If you’ve got a green thumb, chances are, you end up with more produce than you know what to do with! It can be a daunting task to put all of that food to good use unless you’re a master canner, but the Instant Pot can make it easy. You can easily cook down veggies for simple and hearty vegetable soups that will last through the winter, tomato sauce to pair with pasta or spaghetti squash all year-round, jellies and jams from the ripe and juicy fruits, or homemade condiments. Basically, anything that needs cooked and canned can be covered in the IP!

Bring it to the party


The ‘keep warm’ function is amazing for entertaining, and summertime is full of opportunities to show of your tasty cooking skills! Whip something tasty up to bring to a potluck or BBQ in the Instant Pot and set it so that the meal stays warm until you go. This is great for taking on the go and seamlessly bringing your dish anywhere with an outlet, or hosting at your own home.

How will you be using your Instant Pot as the heat kicks in and the sun shines longer? Let us know your summer cooking secrets in the comments below. Stay cool, and stay cooking!


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