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The BEST Instant Pot Chicken Thigh Recipes

Check out some of our top picks for Instant Pot chicken thigh recipes that are delicious, healthy, budget-friendly, and sure to satisfy. Share your favorites in the comments!

The Best Instant Pot Chicken Thigh Recipes

There are a few protein options I almost always have handy, hanging out in the freezer. Among those are chicken thighs. Most recipes using chicken breast can be made using thighs too which makes them incredibly versatile. Better yet, they’re packed with flavour with a little extra fat that goes a long way. They are still a healthy choice – especially if you’re on a budget. Chicken thighs are often significantly cheaper than chicken breasts and serve approximately the same purpose.

Some recipes work especially well with thighs, and they couldn’t be easier to make than in your Instant Pot. Enjoy some of my top picks for how to use them including a few full, one-pot meals for easy weeknight dinners. Oh, and these recipes are fantastic for batch cooking to meet your protein needs throughout the week!

1. Instant Pot Honey garlic chicken from Diethood

instant pot honey garlic chicken

One look at this gorgeous glaze will have you drooling! A blend of honey, garlic, and soy sauce inject massive flavour into these juicy chicken thighs for a fantastic treat with an Asian flair. These thighs pair perfectly with a bowl of white rice and steamed broccoli, or make an awesome addition to noodle bowls. You can use gluten-free soy sauce or coconut aminos to make this one paleo-friendly too. Oh, and cook time is just 20 minutes!


2. Creamy garlic mushroom chicken stew 

instant pot chicken stew

If you’re looking for a one-pot meal using chicken thighs, look no further. Mushrooms and chicken pair up for a hearty and meaty filling in this stewed dish tossed with sour cream after cooking to make it oh-so-creamy and quite dreamy. This is a crowd-pleasing recipe that can also be adapted for a paleo diet as there is a dairy-free alternative. This one is packed with protein and nutrients, and it’s on the table in just 40 minutes.

3. Jamaican jerk Instant Pot chicken thighs from Stay Snatched

instant pot jamaican jerk chicken

Perhaps you want your dinner to transport you to somewhere warm… somewhere tropical… somewhere you can get some seriously awesome jerk chicken. Ah! I know. Let’s take it to Jamaica with this brilliant take on chicken thighs. While this dish is generally prepared on a grill, you can easily adapt that to your Instant Pot for easy, hands-off prep. Fresh Creole seasoning and spicy jalapenos give this dish a seriously addictive kick.

4. Instant Pot Chicken ramen from Fox & Briar

Instant Pot Chicken Ramen

Who doesn’t love a piping hot bowl of warm and comforting ramen? I know I do. Ditch the sodium-laden 50-cent packages for some real deal stuff that feels authentic, and dare I say kinda healthy. This soup is packed with hearty chicken broth, perfectly cooked ramen noodles, chicken thighs, veggies and flavourful additions like chili garlic sauce, sesame oil, and fresh ginger. Top it off with some soft-boiled eggs (which you can also make in your IP) and fresh lime for the best results.

5. Instant Pot Greek chicken from Wholesomelicious

Instant Pot Greek Chicken

This dish has it all, making you feel like you’re hanging out on the coast of Greece enjoying the fine dining opportunities. Artichoke hearts, roasted and marinated red bell peppers, olives, and fresh herbs bring home that unique flavour. Give it a squeeze of fresh lemon to serve, and don’t forget the crumbled feta cheese on top. This is a great main dish to serve with fresh salad. The recipe also includes an adaptation for the slow cooker.

6. Instant Pot Chicken cacciatore from Skinnytaste

Instant Pot Chicken Cacciatore

Chicken cacciatore is commonly served with pasta, but it’s great over spaghetti squash or zoodles for a lightened up, grain-free version. This healthy dish is full of Italian flair featuring chicken thighs stewed with tomatoes, red and green peppers, and onions for a delicious meal done in a total of 35 minutes.


7. Instant Pot Honey lemon chicken 

instant pot honey lemon chicken

With a slightly sour tang from fresh lemon juice and slices and a sweet layer from delectable and decadent raw honey, this blend really jazzes up plain chicken thighs. This one is a lifesaver on busy weeknights, and it’s sure to be a hit with the kids. Garnish with fresh sliced green onions for the best results, and serve with a simple side of veggies for a healthy, balanced meal. These also make a great addition to your weekly meal prep routine.

8. Instant Pot Chicken shawarma from Little Bits Of

Instant pot chicken shawarma

This paleo-friendly and Whole30-approved take on chicken shawarma is sure to be a winner. The recipe uses a blend of both chicken thighs and chicken breast for the best results. After that, it’s all about the spices! Get this on the table in just 25 minutes. Serve with pita if you’d like, or sweet potatoes and veggies if you’re keeping it grain-free. Don’t forget a generous topping of tahini sauce on top.

9. Instant Pot BBQ pulled chicken from The Black Peppercorn

instant pot pulled chicken bbq

Who doesn’t love a good pile of pulled BBQ meat? It’s finger-lickin’ good every time. Often, we make pulled pork, but pulled chicken is quite underrated. Case in point? These buns piled high with the stuff! This recipe is as effortless as it gets when you make it in the IP with easy-to-shred chicken every time. Use your favourite BBQ sauce whether it’s store-bought or homemade for the best results. The only downside is this won’t last long!

10. Firecracker chicken from Gluten Free Pressure Cooker

instant pot firecracker chicken

The variety you can achieve with chicken thighs is truly outstanding. This gluten-free recipe is made with sugar snap peas, red bell pepper, onion, soy sauce, fresh ginger, and red chilli flakes for a veggie-packed meal that you can make as spicy (or not spicy) as you want. Serve over cauliflower rice or rice noodles for a full meal. P.S. this one only takes 20 minutes from start to finish!

11. Instant Pot Thai chicken curry from Instant Pot Eats

instant pot chicken thai curry

In a hurry? Just make this Thai chicken curry. A coconut broth base, tender veggies that you can customise to what you have in the fridge, and chicken thighs make the bulk of this dish. This is one of those meals you can always have in a pinch when you’re feeling the takeout craving come on. Top it off with some fresh lime and cilantro for the best results. It’s spicy, creamy, and downright awesome – trust me!

12. Chicken noodle soup from Oatmeal With A Fork

instant pot chicken noodle soup

What would this roundup be without a good chicken soup recipe? Well, here you have it. Whether or not you have a cold, this soup stands out. Best of all, this recipe uses gluten-free noodles which can be a tricky ingredient to get right in your Instant Pot. This one is healthy, hearty, allergen-friendly, and quick. It’s also freezer-friendly, so stock up and make a double batch.


13. General Tso’s chicken from Sweet & Savory Meals

instant pot general tso chicken

Now, for everyone’s favourite chicken recipe! Ordering Chinese food is nothing without an order of General Tso’s, but it isn’t exactly healthy. Making it at home gives you more control over the ingredients and you can choose natural sweeteners to get the flavour just right without relying on tons of sugar and MSG. This is the perfect dish to serve with some pre-cooked rice and fresh steamed veggies.

14. Butter chicken from Jo Cooks

instant pot butter chicken

Perhaps Indian food is your jam instead of Chinese. If so, we’ve got you covered. This butter chicken recipe is delectable and mimics the flavour of your favourite buffet effortlessly on your part. Save your money for this economical recipe that’ll help you stretch your dollar without sacrificing the flavour you love.

15. Instant Pot Chicken paprika from Instant Pot Eats

Instant Pot Chicken Paprika

Chicken paprika or paprikás csirke is a staple in Hungarian cuisine. It’s a creamy chicken stew with crème fraîche or sour cream, onion, peas, and of course, plenty of fresh paprika that lends its vibrant red colour to each and every bite. It’s perfect for serving with a fresh cucumber salad that you can prepare while this cooks. It’s dinner-ready in just 35 minutes of prep time and cooking time total.

Instant Pot Japanese Curry from Instant Pot Eats

Instant Pot Japanese Curry

This simple homemade recipe is made from scratch rather using ready-made boxed curry and is super delicious. We used chicken, carrots, and potatoes but you can make a vegetarian/vegan version as well.


We hope you love these recipes and have so many new ideas for using chicken thighs. Let us know which ones you’re looking forward to trying the most in the comments, and make sure to share this with your Instant Pot pals! 


The BEST Instant Pot Chicken Thigh Recipes


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