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10 Incredible Cheesecakes In An Instant Pot

10 Incredible Cheesecakes Made In An Instant Pot Pressure Cooker

If you own an Instant Pot and you’ve done some research, one of the most pleasant surprises is the ability to effortlessly and quickly make cheesecake. Truly, who doesn’t like cheesecake? It’s rich and creamy, and you can inject any flavour you fancy into it. It’s also worth noting that some cheesecakes can be made with real food ingredients. All you need is a 7″ springform pan which is basically meant for making cheesecake in your Instant Pot.

This simple dessert comes together brilliantly under pressure. The Instant Pot is good for soups, stews, meats, veggies and all things savoury, but we know how to mend your sweet tooth with these fabulous sweet eats.

Check out these drool-worthy Instant Pot desserts for more sweet inspiration.

1. Salted caramel cheesecake from Cookies and Cups


Salted caramel and cheesecake were meant to be. They’re dessert soulmates. Naturally, this recipe made the list, and you can whip it up in the Instant Pot. The crust brings the salt home with a mixture using Ritz crackers, but you could use any cracker you’d like, including a gluten-free version if you prefer.

2. Vegan cashew lemon cheezecake from Healthy Slow Cooking


This cheesecake or “cheezecake” doesn’t contain any of the cheese, but it certainly isn’t lacking in texture or taste! You can serve it with whatever fruit you like, but fresh summer berries pair exceptionally well with the lemony, cashew base. The crust is naturally gluten-free, made with a mixture of rolled oats, walnuts and dates. This recipe is also refined sugar-free – score!

3. Grain-free peppermint cheesecake from Recipes to Nourish


Grain-free never looked this good! This stunning cake is made with cassava flour which works quite like wheat flour, so you’ll never know the difference. It’s refined sugar-free to boot, with just a touch of maple sugar. It’s topped off with a peppermint chocolate layer and garnished with sea salt flakes. Are you drooling yet?

4. Vanilla bean cheesecake from Health Starts in the Kitchen


This low-carb, crustless cheesecake comes together with just five ingredients, and it’s totally sugar-free, instead using Swerve – a natural sweetener derived from ethyritol – to sweeten it. This is perfect for those who are following a keto diet, but need a sweet fix here and there.

5. Low-carb chocolate cheesecake from Nom Nom Princess


Here we have another one for the keto dieters, low-carb’ers and diabetics. This sugar-free cake is rich and chocolate-y with a crust reminiscent of chocolate biscuits – inspired by Oreo cheesecake – and a silky, smooth and sweet ganache topping. All of that sandwiches a classic cheesecake filling. You’ve got yourself some seriously good dessert to dig into!

6. Greek yoghurt cheesecake from Flavorrd


This recipe takes on lighter fare by swapping out the heavier dairy for a full-fat Greek yoghurt and cream cheese combo, which lends its thick and creamy texture to the finished product quite well. This is a baseline recipe that you can use the to top with whatever you like!

7. Peanut butter chocolate cheesecake from Low Carb San Diego


Cheesecake is pretty inherently low-carb if you don’t add in tons of sugar, so we’re loving these adaptations. This one brings in some peanut butter and chocolate for that gorgeous, decadent marriage of the two. Plus, this recipe features single-serving sizes because, y’know, eating just a slice of cheesecake when the whole thing is starting back at you is tough!

8.Gluten-free cheesecake from Life Made Full


This simple, plain cheesecake is a winner. The crust is made from gluten-free graham crackers which are easily sourced at the store, and the rest comes together with just a few simple ingredients. Grass-fed dairy sources make this recipe full of healthy, good-for-you fats which you can feel pretty good about indulging in.

9. Creme brulee cheesecake bites from Pressure Cook Recipes


If you don’t have to choose between creme brûlée and cheesecake, why bother? This recipe is a play on both, and you don’t even need a fancy torch to make it happen. Considering these are also done in single-serving fashion, they’re good for portion control (and probably freeze well if you need to eliminate temptation).

10. Instant Pot Oreo cheesecake from My Baking Addiction


Finally, we’ll leave you with the quintessential cheesecake recipe. Suffice to say, there’s nothing “healthy” about this, but sometimes, that’s the best part about indulging in dessert. If you’re looking to bring something quick, easy and painless on your part to the party, this glorious, cookie-stacked cake is IT.

Have you made cheesecake in the Instant Pot? We hope you enjoyed these healthy recipes. Now, what’s your favourite flavour? Let us know in the comments! Share on Pinterest from here.

10 Incredible Cheesecakes Made In An Instant Pot Pressure Cooker


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