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15 Mouthwatering Instant Pot Pork Recipes

From juicy tenderloin with gravy and stuffing to a bowl of hearty meatballs, we cover some of our favourite Instant Pot pork recipes in today’s roundup. Perfect for lunches, dinners and meal prep.

15 Tasty Instant Pot Por Recipes. Perfect for lunch, dinner and meal prep ideas.

Let’s talk about pork! When it comes to the main animal proteins, I feel like pork gets left out the most often. It is a truly underrated ingredient when we consider its versatility, affordability, and incredible taste. There are many budget-friendly cuts to work with, it takes on any flavour profile and sauce brilliantly, and the end result is almost always hearty and satisfying.

Whether you’re a fan of pulled pork, pork chips, or finger-lickin’ good ribs, we have the right recipe for you to try in your Instant Pot soon. We’ll be covering so many different types of cuisines that you’re bound to find your flavour and feel inspired. Here are our favourite Instant Pot pork recipes for you to try!

1. Kalua pig from Nom Nom Paleo

Instant Pot Kalua Pork From Nom Nom Paleo

We’re kicking things off with the quintessential Instant Pot pork recipe. This kalua pig is everything you ever wanted – its smoky, sweet, pull-apart goodness will be a family favourite and you’ll find yourself revisiting this recipe. With bacon and cabbage in the mix, it balances out the heavy with the light for a simple complete meal that feels anything but simple.

2. Salsa pork chops from Jelly Toast

Instant Pot pork chops with saksa

If you’re not acquainted with one of my favourite cooking techniques – if you can even call it that – let this recipe familiarise you. You will take the raw meat of your choice (poultry works best) and your favourite storebought salsa (you can make your own if you’re fancy like that) and pour it into your Instant Pot. You press a button, and about 30 minutes later, you eat. It’s good – trust me!

3. Barbacoa inspired pulled pork from Instant Pot Eats

instant pot pulled pork

Feeling like Mexican food? Look no further than this shreddable pulled pork, Barbacoa-style. If you like Chipotle, you’ll love this pork dish. It’s perfect for constructing your own healthy burrito bowls with rice and beans, wraps, or tacos. Top it off with fresh lime and cilantro for the best results!

4. Instant Pot Pork Chops With Creamy Mushroom Sauce (Keto, GF) from Instant Pot Eats

Instant Pot Pork Chops With Creamy Mushroom Sauce (Keto, GF)

Who doesn’t love a good pork chop? This is an underrated protein choice in my opinion. Getting the cooking time just right can be tricky when avoiding dry chops, but this recipe leaves you with little guesswork for brilliant results every time. These juicy chops are smothered in a mushroom gravy that’ll have you drooling before you even take a bite!

5. Tender Greek pork from Mel’s Kitchen Cafe

instant pot greek pork

If you’re in the mood for some good Greek eats, this pork is a perfect choice. Piled high into a pita and topped with fresh crunchy veggies and tzatziki, you’ll be thinking you carved the gyro meat straight from the source. Lots of oregano and lemon juice are the key ingredients in this dish for nailing that classic, authentic flavour.

6. Pork chops & apples from Wondermom Wannabe

Instant Pot pork chops and apples

There is something brilliant about pairing fruit with poultry. This simple 6-ingredient recipe is sweet and savoury with buttery brown sugar apples caramelised to perfection while the pork chops cook through. They’ll be juicy and succulent covered in the reduced glaze. It’s not “health food,” but it is good food!

7. Pork Tenderloin & Potatoes With Creamy Mushroom Sauce from Instant Pot Eats

Instant Pot Pork Tenderloin & Potatoes With Creamy Mushroom Sauce

Have you ever cooked with pork tenderloin before? It’s a long, log-like piece of meat that is quite lean but very tender. Made together in the Instant Pot, pork tenderloin and potatoes need about the same time because this cut of pork doesn’t need much cooking. Plus, having the pork in the same pot will release all of its tasty juices straight into the potatoes resulting in heartier flavor

8. Curried sausages & peas from Instant Pot Eats

Instant Pot pork sausages with curry sauce

These curried sausages and peas create a unique blend of German and Indian cuisine using distinct curry spices with a food combination that is hearty, filling, and beyond simple. This is a one-pot meal that you can sort of just toss the ingredients into your pot for and press a button so it’s a simple fixing on a busy weeknight with plenty of veg, protein, and healthy fats to go around.

9. Asian pulled pork from Just One Cookbook

Instant Pot Asian Pulled Pork

Pulled pork can be made in so many ways and it takes on different flavour profiles with ease, as you can see in this delicious roundup! This recipe infuses the pork with Asian flavour making it suitable for pairing with fresh crunchy slaw in tacos or tossing into a bowl with an over-easy egg on top. No matter which way, it’s melt-in-your-mouth good, healthy, and ready in just two hours when it normally takes all day!

10. Pork loin with stuffing & gravy from The Creative Bite

Instant Pot Pork With Gravy & Stuffing

You can’t deny how awesome the Instant Pot is for making a full meal all at once. It’s what makes it worthy of declaring it a miracle. This dish proves the point with a holiday-friendly meal any day of the week. Humble pork loin cooked with boxed stuffing mix is a delicious meal. The gravy comes together in the pot while cooking so everything is injected with flavour. How can you not love it?


11. Spicy pork stew with spinach from Two Sleevers

Instant Pot pork stew with spinach

This keto-friendly, low-carb stew is a beautifully satiating and satisfying weeknight meal made with freezer ingredients. Simple spices, Rotel, and pork come together for the bulk of this stew. You can finish it off by wilting in some fresh or frozen spinach and mixing in a swig of heavy whipping cream for greens and a texture boost. This is the kind of healthy comfort food we love!

12. BBQ pulled pork from Gimme Some Oven

Instant Pot BBQ Pulled Pork

We have to include one final recipe for pulled pork because amongst the favourites of the masses is a good BBQ pulled pork. It’s great for summertime entertaining. It’s perfect with creamy coleslaw on the side. It’s fantastic piled high atop your favourite buns. Finally, it’s low-effort using a BBQ sauce from the store and cooking in your IP. This is the only recipe you’ll need!

13. Char Siu (Chinese BBQ pork) from Pressure Cook Recipes

Instant Pot Chinese BBQ pork

BBQ pork can take on a few forms. Char Siu is the traditional Chinese version from the dynamic duo who knows how to make real Chinese food in the Instant Pot! Juicy and tender, you want to give this meat some time to marinate and soak up the flavour. Serve with leafy, fibrous, and tasty bok choy after a quick steam for the best results.

14. Instant Pot Smoky Ribs (Low-Carb, Keto, BBQ) from Instant Pot Eats

Instant Pot Smoky Ribs (Low-Carb, Keto, BBQ)

This delicious rack of smoky Instant Pot barbecue ribs is low-carb and keto friendly. You can do it the old-fashioned way, but once you start cooking the meat in your IP, you won’t go back. It’s recommended that you give them a quick broil in the oven or on the grill before serving to seal in that flavor, but you won’t have to wait hours and hours for a tender, juicy, fully cooked inside now. Score!

15. Italian pork & bean stew from Instant Pot Eats

Italian Instant Pot Bean & Pork Stew

We’ve made our way through Mexico, Greece, India, Germany, and all throughout Asia. Now, we’re in Italy for this beautifully hearty stew from the Tuscan region. Made with your choice of beans, vegetables and a little bit of ground pork, this dish has deep flavours and is a nourishing staple you’ll be revisiting often.

Pork deserves a little more recognition, especially with its versatility in the Instant Pot! We hope you enjoy these recipes whether you’re a fan of pulled pork or pork chops. Remember to share with your friends who could use some pressure cooking inspiration.


15 Tasty Instant Pot Por Recipes. Perfect for lunch, dinner and meal prep ideas.


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