15+ Instant Pot Lamb Recipes For Every Taste

Take a break from chicken or beef with these delicious and healthy Instant Pot lamb recipes that will take you around the world with flavourful stews, curries, chops, roasts and more. 

Instant Pot Lamb Recipes For Every Taste

Lamb is often underrated and underused meat in my experience. People are more likely to choose beef or pork – sometimes due to familiarity and other times due to price – but I always encourage folks to step outside of the box in the kitchen.


The Instant Pot makes cooking tougher cuts of meat or unknown foods a little less intimidating sometimes. Lamb can be a rather tough cut and take hours and hours of heat in the oven to reach tender perfection, but the Instant Pot usually cuts that time down to an hour or less. There are quite a few options for using lamb in recipes, and there’s a little something for everyone here: stewing meat, ground lamb, bigger cuts like shoulder and leg, and simple lamb chops.

These unique and exciting Instant Pot lamb recipes will take you all over the world.

1. Greek-Style Instant Pot Lamb Shoulder Roast 

Greek-Style Instant Pot Lamb Shoulder Roast 

Lamb’s shoulder is a tougher cut, so it often takes 4-5 hours to cook it until perfectly tender. Those melt-in-your-mouth results only take around an hour from start to finish! Zesty and vibrant parsley, pomegranate, and lemon come together to give this lamb gorgeous Greek flavor. Serve with rice, cauliflower rice, or as a main dish for a holiday meal. This one is fabulous for entertaining! Recipe from Instant Pot Eats.

2. Instant Pot Lamb Curry 


Curry is always a good idea. It’s a weeknight savior, and a weekend staple when cooking is too much and takeaway comes to the rescue. You can get the best of both worlds with this insanely quick (and super healthy) recipe. This curry is packed with tender lamb, warm spices including a dash of garam masala, and lots of veggies. You’ll love these leftovers! P.S. it’s paleo-friendly if you serve it over cauliflower rice. Recipe from The Real Food RDs.

3. Instant Pot Lamb & Yogurt Stew 

Instant Pot Lamb & Yogurt Stew 

If you’ve never made lamb and yoghurt stew or Shakriyeh, you’re missing out. Fortunately, the Instant Pot makes it easier than ever to try new and exciting recipes. This stew is a staple in Syrian cuisine, and it couldn’t be simpler to make with a rather short list of ingredients. Budget-friendly stew meat, yoghurt, and pine nuts are all you need to get started. Recipe from Tasting Table.


4. Moroccan Lamb Stew With Potatoes 

Moroccan Lamb Stew With Potatoes 

This stew or tagine is loaded with a hearty flavor inspired by the cuisine of Morocco. The keys to Moroccan cuisine are in the aromatic spices and often, the addition of dried fruit. In this case, apricots step in to lend a subtle undertone of sweet flavor to this stewed beef and potato blend. Add some carrots and peas, and you’ve got a colorful, hearty, protein-packed dish. It even gets better overnight as the flavors blend together. Recipe from Instant Pot Eats.

5. Instant Pot Irish Lamb Stew 

Instant Pot Irish Lamb Stew 

We’re going all over the world today – can you tell? This stew lands us in lush, green, coastal Ireland where the potatoes are plentiful… especially in a stew. All that’s missing is a slice of Irish soda bread, but you can probably make that in your Instant Pot too if you’re a creative enough baker! Recipe from Stetted.

6. Rice Pilaf With Lamb, Almonds & Figs 

Rice Pilaf With Lamb, Almonds & Figs 

In this colorful and exciting pilaf, rice is tossed with ground lamb, luscious dried figs, and crunchy, nutty almonds for a burst of standout flavor and texture in every single bite. The rice itself is injected with flavor from being cooked in broth, perfectly fluffy and seasoned from the inside out. This recipe takes just around half an hour from start to finish! Recipe from Instant Pot Eats.

7. Instant Pot Lamb Ragu-Whole30, Paleo 

Instant Pot Lamb Ragu 

Ragù is a rustic, Italian meat-based sauce that is slowly cooked and typically made with wine and/or tomatoes. The ratios will differ, as will the types of meat used. This Lamb Ragu uses large chunks of lamb leg instead of ground meat. The result is a beautiful, rich, hearty sauce full of shredded, melt-in-your-mouth goodness. Recipe from Cook Primal Gourmet.


8. Instant Pot Lamb Taco Meat 

Instant Pot Lamb Taco Meat 

Taco meat isn’t just a recipe reserved for beef. Whether you prefer the taste of lamb, simply want to switch things up, or find a good deal on some lamb mince at the grocery store, this recipe yields perfectly spiced fillings for all your Mexican food needs – not just limited to tacos! Burritos, anyone? Recipe from Sprinkles & Sprouts.

9. Leg Of Lamb Stew With Dates & Cinnamon 

Leg Of Lamb Stew With Dates & Cinnamon 

A good leg of lamb is the perfect addition to a stew. In this hearty and healthy dish, naturally sweet and chewy dates and warming cinnamon come together for a stunning splendor in a bowl with Moroccan flair. Recipe from Instant Pot Eats.

10. Instant Pot Brown Rice Biryani With Lamb 

Instant Pot Brown Rice Biryani With Lamb 

Biryani is a spiced rice dish tossed with meat and other add-ins. It’s always packed with a deep flavor that infuses every bite. This lamb biryani is particularly delicious, and can also be made with beef. It’s a majorly economical dish too considering the main ingredients are stewing meat and rice. The rest of the magic is in the spices (and there are a lot of ’em!). Recipe from My Heart Beets.

Check out more of our favorite Instant Pot biryani recipes here.


11. Italian Lamb Shanks With White Beans 

Italian Shanks With White Beans 

White beans, tomatoes, and fresh herbs make up the perfect base to toss a perfectly braised, tender, bone-in lamb shank on top of. This recipe is sure to impress with rich, deep, and authentic Italian flavor. Recipe from Instant Pot Eats.

12. Instant Pot Lamb Chops With Creamed Cauliflower 

Instant Pot Lamb Chops With Creamed Cauliflower 

Nothing quite beats the simplicity of a good lamb chop, right? Getting the right texture can be tough. These start with a sear and cook under pressure for just two minutes, but it makes all the difference and gives you perfect results every time. This is a great “fancy” dinner idea for a celebration at home or just because. Recipe from A Pleasant Little Kitchen.

13. Instant Pot Lamb Dhansak Curry 

 Lamb Dhansak Curry 

This beautiful Dhansak curry is a little different from the traditional curry. It’s even mild enough for the kids to enjoy. Remember – fresh spices are key to a good curry, so make sure your coriander, curry powder, and cardamom are up to date. The best part about this curry recipe is the thick sauce, made possible by the addition of creamy and protein-rich red lentils. Recipe from Super Golden Bakes.

14. Instant Pot Middle Eastern Lamb Stew 

Instant Pot Middle Eastern Lamb Stew 

Now, we’re taking things to the Middle East. This stew is bursting with beautifully spiced lamb, chickpeas, fragrant spices, dried fruits, and served with a side of quinoa or couscous. Top it off with fresh cilantro or parsley for the best results. This hearty recipe is sure to satisfy and fill you up! Recipe from Feasting at Home.

15. Instant Pot Leg Of Lamb With Gravy

 Leg Of Lamb With Gravy

Now, let’s end things with a simple dish that will impress everyone. There’s nothing quite like perfectly cooked meat paired with creamy mashed potatoes, all smothered in gravy. That is, except for all that with the ability to cook it in your Instant Pot. This recipe is actually low-carb and keto-friendly, so the flour recipe is gluten-free and those potatoes? Well, they’re cauliflower! Recipe from Savory Tooth.

We hope you found a lamb recipe you’re so excited to try in this roundup! Make sure to hit share if you liked it, and check out some of our other roundups while you’re at it.

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