Review: The No-Shop Instant Pot Cookbook by Meg Dow

Today, we are sharing our latest installment in our series of Instant Pot cookbook reviews. We love sharing recipes with you, but we’re also eager to share great written resources as the Instant Pot grows in popularity, and more cookbooks or guides are on the market. In this post, we’re featuring author Meg Dow’s The No-Shop Instant Pot – 240 Options for Amazing Meals with Ingredients You Already Have Cookbook.

The book: The No-Shop Instant Pot®: 240 Options for Amazing Meals with Ingredients You Already Have
The focus: 60 base recipes or ingredients, each with four equally delicious variations for a total of 240 meal options.
Featured guest recipe: Instant Pot Chicken Verde Pot Pie



About the cookbook

It’s never been easier to make standard recipes and staple ingredients new and exciting again. This compilation offers 60 basic recipes or base ingredients, each of which offers four variations for a total of 240 exciting recipes that help you answer the question: “What can I cook with the ingredients in my fridge and pantry?” 

Choose the best recipe for you and your pantry with handy infographics that show you all your options at a glance. No matter what kind of recipe you’re seeking—a quick breakfast recipe, a warming soup, or the perfect side to accompany your meal—or what ingredients you have in your kitchen, you’ll be able to get something delicious on the table in no time at all.

Have some chicken breasts and salsa on hand? Whip up some Salsa-Ranch Chicken in a flash. Have the chicken but mangos instead of salsa? Just give her Coconut-Mango-Lime Chicken a try! No matter what you have filling your shelves—or what flavor profiles you’re craving—you’ll be able to find a recipe that fits the bill using ingredients you probably already have. And since they all use the Instant Pot, you can throw a delicious meal together in a flash. With variations on tasty base recipes like Chuck Roast, Risotto, Mac and Cheese, Potato Soup, Enchiladas, and so many more, the perfect Instant Pot meal is easy to find and even easier to make. 

What we love about IT

Are you a visual person? We are! So seeing infographics of actual ingredient combos was exciting. This cookbook is so different from any other book we have reviewed and we love its ingenuity. We are pleased to see a surge of recipes using pantry items online, but this book actually teaches you and shows you the potential of what’s hiding in your pantry. It gives you four recipe options for your core ingredient, such as chicken or pasta. This concept is so simple yet revolutionary. Most cookbooks give you one recipe with a shopping list of ingredients you only need once. Now you have options to play with and customize from what you already own. It bringing sustainability into the kitchen.

Who is this Instant Pot cookbook for?

If there are two things people are tired of during quarantine, it’s cooking and figuring out how to safely brave the grocery store. So this No-Shop Instant Pot Cookbook makes it all a little easier for those who are struggling during these extraordinary times. You can buy basic ingredients that can go the distance with fewer trips to the store. No more shopping for random ingredients that you only can use for one dish. The book is also a great educational source on cooking itself. Some home cooks are intimidated by cooking and simply stick to the safe recipes they know and trust. Understanding how core ingredients can be expanded by just adding and subtracting can create new flavors with ease.

About the author

Meg Dow is a private chef, caterer, and the creator of the popular cooking blog More Momma since 2018. It’s a platform to help teach and educate generations to become self-sufficient in the kitchen committed to providing easy recipes that the whole family will love. Meg graduated from San Diego State University in Hospitality and Restaurant Management and then went to Florence, Italy, for culinary school. She has worked as a private chef, caterer, culinary teacher, and restaurant consultant.  She currently lives in Los Angeles with her family.

Get The No-Shop Instant Pot Cookbook by Meg Dow here

Reprinted with permission from The No-Shop Instant Pot by Meg Dow, Page Street Publishing Co. 2021.
Photo credit: Becky Winkler


Review: The No-Shop Instant Pot Cookbook by Meg Dow

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