Instant Pot Pasta Recipes

From simple penne Pomodoro to vegan mac’n’cheese, we’ve got delicious and easy Instant Pot pasta recipes to choose from. Pressure cooked to perfection!


  • It’s a great time-saving, fuss-free way to make pasta! You can cook Instant pot pasta by itself or through ingredients for the sauce to make it all in one pot!
  • You can get more flavor! You can cook pasta in stock or directly in the sauce, in which case it will absorb all the flavors from the liquid.
  • Great texture! Most of the timings provided result in a pasta that’s just a little softer than al dente. You can reduce the pressure cooking time by a minute for that extra firm bite.
  • Hands-off cooking – you can make a dump-and-go pasta that requires no stirring or monitoring during cooking.
  • Fewer dishes to clean, because you can make the pasta and the sauce all in one pot!

Explore our favorite Instant Pot pasta recipes below!