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The BEST Instant Pot Ground Beef Recipes

From hearty chili beef to cottage pie and meatloaf, we’ve rounded up the tastiest Instant Pot ground beef recipes to make in your pressure cooker. Get that hearty family dinner on the table in no time at all!

The BEST Instant Pot Ground Beef Recipes

When we think about the most common family meal ingredients, ground beef is the first to come to mind. It’s affordable, highly nutrient-dense and super versatile when it comes to cooking. With just a few extra ingredients and an Instant Pot, you can make a lot of classics like Bolognese sauce and meatloaf, in a flash.

We’ve picked ground beef recipes that are well-rounded and serve a variety of diets. Many of them combine meat and vegetables for a complete meal, including comfort dishes that children will love. Serve these with bread on the side or steam some fresh vegetables for a healthier take. No more boring leftovers or frozen pizza for dinner!

Hearty Bolognese Sauce from Instant Pot Eats

The Best Instant Pot Bolognese Sauce Recipe

Bolognese sauce is so versatile that is can be used over pasta, or you can turn the leftovers into other dishes. You can even adapt it to your dietary needs, such as gluten-free, vegetarian, or even vegan. The Instant Pot seals in all the flavors without you having to stand over the hot stove all day.

Ground Beef Meatloaf & Mashed Potatoes from I Wash You Dry

Instant Pot ground beef meatloaf and mashed potatoes

Meatloaf and mashed potatoes are two comfort food classics that you just can’t live without. The Instant Pot makes it simple to get a full meal on the table in about 20 minutes. How can you beat that?

Ground Beef & Chorizo Chili from Instant Pot Eats


Beef chili on a cold winter’s night will warm anyone right up. This popular recipe uses beef and chorizo to create an extra tasty chili con carne . Try serving this over white rice or steamed zucchini for a complete and delicious meal.

Ground Beef Picadillo from Skinny Taste

Instant Pot Ground Beef Picadillo

This tasty Picadillo recipe can be served over cauliflower rice, brown rice, or cabbage slaw on the side. Put the leftovers in peppers, quesadillas, or even tacos. The recipe is so versatile you will easily come up with new ways to use up the leftovers.

Instant Pot Italian Meatballs (Whole30) from Instant Pot Eats

Whole30 Instant Pot ground beef meatballs

If you follow the Whole30 plan, you’ll love these meatballs. There’s no frying the meat beforehand so you can just dump everything in the Instant Pot once you form the meat into balls. The recipe is also paleo and gluten-free friendly and can be served over cauliflower rice for Whole 30. More Whole30 Instant Pot recipes here.

Homemade Hamburger Helper from Adventures Of A Nurse

Instant Pot Hamburger Macaroni Helper

Put Hamburger Helper in your Instant Pot for a quick meal in just four minutes. This cheesy dish is a classic comfort recipe with a twist. The seasonings are simple and you can always add a little extra cheese.

Instant Pot Cottage Pie from Every Nook & Cranny

Instant Pot Cottage Pie With ground beef

Want to try British cuisine but don’t know where to start? Cottage Pie is a classic comfort dish that is delicious, fresh and perfect for lunch the next day. The meal takes just 12 minutes in the Instant Pot and is full of flavors.


Easy One Pot Enchilada Pasta from Recipes For Instant Pot

Ground Beef Enchilada Pasta - Instant Pot Recipe

What can be better than combining pasta and enchiladas? Having your enchilada pasta ready in just a few minutes! This recipe combines the best of two comfort foods into one delicious, easy to prepare meal.

Korean Instant Pot Ground Beef Bulgogi from My Heart Beets

Instant Pot Ground Beef Bulgogi

This ground beef bulgogi is sure to be a hit in your home, so make a bunch and freeze the extras for another day. When you are ready to serve it again, add some green vegetables and serve them over rice or veggies for a complete meal.

Instant Pot Ground Beef Keema Curry from Slimming Eats

Instant Pot Ground Beef Curry

This dish traditionally uses lamb or goat meat, but if you don’t have those on hand you can use ground beef. Eat this dish with a naan to soak up the sauce or white rice for a complete meal. If you omit the peas, the dish can be Whole30 and paleo friendly.

Slow Cooker Ground Beef & Potato Au Gratin from The Magical Slow Cooker

Slow Cooker Beef & Potato Au Grautin

Add the beef to au gratin potatoes for a complete meal using your Instant Pot’s slow cooker function. The food cooks for a total of four hours allowing all the flavors to soak into the potatoes and beef. Don’t be afraid to go heavy on the seasonings with the potatoes, it will be totally worth it!

These Instant Pot recipes are sure to delight your family and spruce up weeknight dinners in your home. Whether you are following the Whole30 diet or are gluten-free, you will find something on this list to suit your dietary needs. Tell us in the comments your favorite ways to use ground beef in the Instant Pot pressure cooker.


The BEST Instant Pot ground beef recipes you will love: cottage pie, meatballs, chili, ground beef meatloaf, and more.


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